Andrew W. | Contract Manager | International Offshore Support Company

Whilst based in South Africa, Natalie has supported our business administration in the Middle East for a number of years. Due to the time differences, we are often able to send her a technical document that needs to be created / edited, and see it completed in the email inbox the next morning. As a […]

Colin D. | Founder/Owner | International Subsea Company

Natalie has worked for my two companies from inception to final sale. She has been a loyal and diligent virtual assistant throughout. Natalie understands business and the processes that are applied from initial enquiries to final award of project. She has always demonstrated a keen eye to the details and diligent execution of what is […]

Leigh B. | Owner | Small Business

I would like to thank Swift Virtual Services for assisting me through these very stressful and pressured years. I don’t know where I would be without your help. No matter the urgency, I could rely on you for superb quality work, delivered in the most timely fashion. Thank you again for allowing me to reach […]

Durandt d. W. | Business Development Manager | Offshore Support Company

I have known and worked very closely with Natalie for the last 5 years. As our virtual assistant, she was tasked with research and providing assistance to business development efforts. I can honestly say, Natalie helped me to look good without me ever having to ask for it. As an office professional (ie, not an […]