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What Clients say



We greatly appreciate the efforts in completing all the requirements to get the tender off in time. You fulfilled all our expectations and we would definitely hire a Swift Virtual Assistant again. Thank you.

Carl d. V. | Owner | Small Business (Marine Industry)

Whilst based in South Africa, Natalie has supported our business administration in the Middle East for a number of years. Due to the time differences, we are often able to send her a technical document that needs to be created / edited, and see it completed in the email inbox the next morning. As a “Virtual Assistant” working very remotely, communication is key and Natalie makes the time to sit and understand, then goes off and needs very little supervision while the task is being performed.

Andrew W. | Contract Manager | International Offshore Support Company

Natalie has worked for my two companies from inception to final sale. She has been a loyal and diligent virtual assistant throughout. Natalie understands business and the processes that are applied from initial enquiries to final award of project. She has always demonstrated a keen eye to the details and diligent execution of what is required to meet deadlines. More than the fore-mentioned, Natalie has the integrity and proven track record to remain independent, and this is critical in today's global work-place. I would highly recommend her services and be pleased to stand by my statements and answer any queries.

Colin D. | Founder/Owner | International Subsea Company

I would like to thank Swift Virtual Services for assisting me through these very stressful and pressured years. I don't know where I would be without your help. No matter the urgency, I could rely on you for superb quality work, delivered in the most timely fashion. Thank you again for allowing me to reach the levels of success that I would never have been able to achieve without your assistance.

Leigh B. | Owner | Small Business

I have known and worked very closely with Natalie for the last 5 years. As our virtual assistant, she was tasked with research and providing assistance to business development efforts. I can honestly say, Natalie helped me to look good without me ever having to ask for it. As an office professional (ie, not an active fieldworker), she has unparalleled knowledge of the operations in the marine oil and gas terminals field. This puts her in a position where she can hold her own in technical and strategic conversations with clients and colleagues alike. I know I will get to work with Natalie again in the future and can't wait. Likewise, I can recommend her as a very strong asset to you, your tactical or long term team.

Durandt d. W. | Business Development Manager | Offshore Support Company

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